Trade Union Pale Ale (TUPA) also known as Brigadista Ale, is a fundrasing effort to raise money for causes close to the hearts of the Trade Union Movement.

We began life as a simple one-off venture to raise monies for the International Brigades Memorial Trust in 2016 with the wonderful Brigadista Ale.

Since then we have done a number of one-off beers in bottle, can and cask for people using the best beers from independent and progressive breweries around the country.

In 2017 we launched TUPA. It won an award at the 2017 SIBA awards.TUPA is available on cask and for home delivery.

We are very proud to be producing TUC150 in 2018 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Trades Union Congress.

We're also very proud of our TUPAWEAR range of Tshirts to compliment the progressive history of the progressive drinker.

We are non-profit and we try to keep the prices as low as possible for TU members. We do bars for parties and events.

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We're good at what we brew.